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Fall Collection - Autumn Cashmere Breeze

Fall Collection - Autumn Cashmere Breeze

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Immerse yourself in the lap of luxury with our Autumn Cashmere Breeze 8-ounce candle. This exquisite creation is a tribute to the opulence and serenity of the fall season. 

As you light this candle, you'll be greeted by the gentle embrace of cashmere, a scent reminiscent of soft, luxurious fabrics. This cozy and comforting fragrance is perfectly balanced with a crisp autumn breeze, evoking the feeling of a tranquil stroll through a picturesque forest adorned in fall foliage.

Indulge the luxury of autumn with this captivating candle, where the Cashmere Breeze whispers tales of comfort and elegance.

Scent Notes: Wild Grape, Pomegranate, Lily Magnolia and Cashmere 

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