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Gold Shimmer Hand Blown Glass Sea Salt Orchid

Gold Shimmer Hand Blown Glass Sea Salt Orchid

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A gold shimmering hand-blown 15-ounce glass sea salt orchid candle encases the flickering flame of the candle, gently illuminating its surroundings. Its delicate craftsmanship reflects the artistry and skill that went into its creation. The sea salt orchids, sensory symphony unfolds while the delicate scent dances through the air, evoking visions of pristine beaches and blooming flowers. Its subtle allure captivates the sense, transporting one to a tranquil oasis whre the sea and nature unite in perfect harmony.

Fragrance Notes: Fresh orchid, white musk, sea salt, ozone and tonka

- Natural vegan soy wax blend that is cruelty free and made int eh USA.  This one-of-kind was that helps deliver amazing aromas from the time you open the lid to the last burn.

- Candles are hand poured, small batches in unique luxurious vessels. This candle vessel is unique and can be reused for many different purposes such as drinking glasses or holding beautiful. flowers.

- The cotton wicks are delicately woven together and treated with a second bath in mineral salt. These wicks help to ensure a cleaner and truly perfect burn. 

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