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Queen's Radiance - Hand-Blown Glass Sea Salt Orchid Candle

Queen's Radiance - Hand-Blown Glass Sea Salt Orchid Candle

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The Queen's Radiance is enveloped in an aura of regal elegance, the hand blown glass candle captures the essence of opulence, radiating a mesmerizing display of sparkling luminescence that enchants the eye while transporting you to the Sea Salt area of tropical paradise with the Sea Salt Orchid fragrance.  With each flicker of the flame, the candle illuminates your space with a dazzling brillance, casting a warm glow that dances through he intricately crafted glass, creating a spectacle of shimmering beauty. As the candle burns, the enchanting interplay of light and glass evokes a sense of grandeur, turning and setting into a majestic sanctuary.

Fragrance Notes: Ozone, Sea Salt, Green Leaves, Tonka Bean, Light Musk and Amber

- Natural vegan soy wax blend that is cruelty free and made int eh USA.  This one-of-kind was that helps deliver amazing aromas from the time you open the lid to the last burn.

- Candles are hand poured, small batches in unique luxurious vessels. This vessel can be reused for many different purposes such as drinking glasses or holding beautiful. flowers.

- The cotton wicks are delicately woven together and treated with a second bath in mineral salt. These wicks help to ensure a cleaner and truly perfect burn. 

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