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Indulge with a treat - Sugar Citrus Cake

Indulge with a treat - Sugar Citrus Cake

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This is a signature blend fragrance that you don't want to miss! As you ignite the wicks, the candle releases a heavenly fragrance that blends the comforting scent of a freshly baked cake with zesty notes of citrus and a pop of lavender. The air becomes infused with the aroma of warm vanilla, buttery richness, and the invigorating tang of citrus zest, creating a harmonious and mouthwatering bouquet. 

With pleasing decor, in addition to it;s fragrance, can serve as an attractive decorative it compliments your home decor. 

Signature blend fragrance notes: Lemon zest, fried dough, cake, butter and lavender.

- Natural vegan soy wax blend that is cruelty free and made int eh USA.  This one-of-kind was that helps deliver amazing aromas from the time you open the lid to the last burn.

- Candles are hand poured, small batches in unique luxurious vessels. This vessel can be reused for many different purposes such as drinking glasses or holding beautiful. flowers.

- The cotton wicks are delicately woven together and treated with a second bath in mineral salt. These wicks help to ensure a cleaner and truly perfect burn. 

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